Studio RecordingStudio Recording

DWP Multimedia has been in the recording business for nearly 20 years, and during that time, we have helped hundreds of artists, songwriters, and musicians record their demos and album releases. We have also done an extensive amount of voice over work for radio and television broadcasts. Many of our customers have remained loyal to us for years, because we provide them with affordable high-quality recording in a comfortable working environment. Our main objective is to make you sound good; even if you’re on a shoestring budget.

Booking Your Session

Call us between 10am-6pm EST, and we will either confirm your request or give you an alternative date for your appointment. For weekday sessions, call at least 24 hours before your desired session time, to check the availability of the studio. For weekend sessions (Sat), call 72 hours in advance to ensure an available time. Once you have received the appointment date and time, return to our website and make your payment.

Web Specials

Take advantage of our discounted pricing for web orders.

Hourly Studio Time $50.00 $40.00/hr. Buy Now
Half Hour Studio Time NEW! $25.00 Buy Now
5-Hour Studio Block Time $200.00 $190.00 Buy Now
10-Hour Studio Block Time $400.00 $390.00 Buy Now
20-Hour Studio Block Time Call or email for price quote.

DO NOT BOOK TIME UNLESS YOU CAN KEEP YOUR APPOINTMENT. Coming late for appointments or not showing up at all, costs us time and money. We cannot 100% secure your appointment unless we receive your payment. All payments for studio time are nonrefundable.

Hourly Rates

Hourly rates include the recording and mix down of your music and vocals within the session time. We also offer more extensive mixing services for songs that require more detailed mix downs.

Block Rates

We offer discounts on block studio time, and you don’t have to use your time all on the same day. We’ll give you 7 days to complete a 5-hour block and 14 days to complete a 10-hour block.

Music Production

Clients are responsible for providing their own music. We have in-house producers available to create music for an additional charge. See our Music Production page for our production rates.


We do not record the live drum set, however our drum sample software can produce very realistic rhythm tracks.


20937 John R Rd. Hazel Park, MI. Click here to see map.

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