Music Production

DWP Multimedia offers professional music production services for singers, songwriters, film, television and corporate video presentations. We pride ourselves on delivering industry quality music production at affordable rates in a realistic time frame. Unlike some producers who only make beats, we assist our clients from the music concept to vocal arrangement to mixing and mastering. We don’t keep a library of unused arrangements, because we believe that every song or project is unique, and therefore deserves special attention. Some of our production team have degrees and music, or perform on stage on a regular basis. We know music, and we can create arrangements in whatever genre is necessary for your project.

We have two options for ordering customized music production as outlined below.

Option #1: Quick Beats Session

Bring your musical ideas and let a member of our production team create the music while you wait. We have an arsenal of musical instruments and talented musicians who can give you an industry quality track in almost any genre. Production fees are billed at a rate of $90.00 per hour, which also includes the rental of the studio. Below is a chart of average production times based on the type of music.

Book your session time based on the genre of music you want us to create for you. The more time we can spend developing your track the better it will be.

Type of Music

Average Production Time

Rap/Hip-Hop/Dance 1-2 hours
R&B/Rock/Alternative 2-5 hours
Gospel/Jazz 4-8 hours
Classical/Soundtracks 5-10 hours
Film Scoring Depends on length of film & number of music sequences

These times are based on our experience of producing music in various genres. Each song is unique, and may take more or less than the specified time.

Option #2: Custom Music Production Agreement

Sometimes paying by the hour for music production can get expensive, but you can save money by opting for a custom music production agreement. We charge a flat rate for our production work, and can also include additional services such as studio time, mixing, mastering, and CD duplication at a discounted rate.

How It Works

Call us at 248-545-6612 to schedule a FREE consultation. You will meet with one of our project consultants to discuss your needs. Once your requirements have been determined, we will give you a written quote for our services. To move forward, you  pay a 50% deposit and we will schedule a studio appointment for you to meet with one of our staff producers. You may be asked to record some rough vocal takes to a click track to aid the producer in structuring your song. Bring anything to your session that you think will help the producer capture the essence of your song, such as lyric sheets or other music that you like. Once the producer has a clear understanding of the song, he or she will go to work. In most cases, we will call you within 10 business days for a listening session to hear the producer’s arrangement. Your critique of the work is important to us, so we will do up to 2 free revisions of the material to meet your satisfaction.

We will not release any material to you until the final balance for the production work has been paid. If your agreement includes extras such as studio time, we will allow you to hold the balance for those services no more than 1 week after the production as been completed.

Note: For copyright purposes, the producer retains all rights of ownership for any musical arrangement created under the above scenarios. The artist may be asked to enter into a separate agreement with the producer in the event that the song is commercially released to the public. The above times are only estimates based on past work experiences. Price is for synthesized arrangements only. Live musician fees are extra.

Samples of Our Work Coming Soon!

Call us at 248-545-6612 to get started on your customized music production today!