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You’ve put a lot of hard work into writing and recording your songs, so what do you do next? Well, if you want your music to be taken seriously, you’d have your songs professionally mixed!

DWP Multimedia has over 20 years experience in the audio mixing business. No, project is too big or too small for our staff of professional engineers. We have a huge arsenal of hardware, software, and effects plugins, which can be used to blend your raw audio stems into a work of art.

Please see our audio mixing rates below. We offer special discount prices for our online customers.

Rates Coming Soon!

Once you have paid for your service you can upload your files.

Get started by making your payment either online, by phone, or at our studio facility. Next, provide us your audio project with all the separated tracks (vocals, piano, drums, bass, etc…) in WAV format. The files can be on CD, DVD, or you can submit them through our upload interface. We also accept Pro Tools session files. For more information on how to prepare your Pro Tools session files and how to render (export) the files in other software programs, see our file submission guidelines.

We would prefer that all the tracks be dry with no effects, but there may be an exception if a track uses an important effect that you need preserved in the mix. After we receive your project, our engineers will begin to organize and mix the tracks, adding compression, reverb, or whatever it takes to create a professional sound. Your input is always welcome; therefore to ensure that you are satisfied with the progress, we will post each song mix in a private listening area on our website, where you can make suggestions. We will repeat this process until you are completely satisfied with our work.

Due to the time consumption of editing, prices do not include elimination of unwanted audio within tracks, such as pops, loud breaths, talking, instrument and vocal noises before and after takes, etc. Please clean up unwanted audio parts on tracks before sending. The cost for our engineers to edit these problems will be extra, depending on how many tracks and how much unwanted audio parts must be edited out. You will be notified if we find any noises that we feel need to be removed.

You will receive your mixed song(s) on audio CD. Upon request we can provide you with Mp3 versions of your mixed song(s). Mp3 files are great for sending via email, posting on a web site, or for additional backup on your hard drive. We offer this service at no additional charge.

We can also provide you a radio and performance version of you song for free; provided that the versions can be created by simply muting vocal parts. Added sound effects in muted spaces or rearranging the song structure will cost extra.