CD Mastering

What is CD mastering?

CD mastering is a post production process that is used to raise the overall mix level, correct minor mix deficiencies, and to enhance the flow of your CD by adjusting the space between tracks.

Mastering is a step that many independent artists overlook, and it can cost them in the long run, especially on radio where unmastered songs sound weak compared to ones that have been mastered.

DWP Multimedia offers world-class CD mastering at a fraction of the cost of other professional mastering houses. We use the latest digital mastering tools to ensure that the amounts of EQ and compression are in line with industry standards. All mastering is done in the digital domain, and every project takes a unique path to reach its artistic peak.

Not sure if your music is ready to be mastered or just curious about how mastering could improve your sound? Take advantage of our FREE review services. Upload your one of your songs in wav or mp3 format through our upload interface. We will review the material and respond with our feedback. In addition, we will select one song and master the first 30 seconds for FREE. Hearing the quality of our work on your own material should help you in reaching a decision to do business with us.

When you’re ready, we can take your music to the next level. Our mastering services are satisfaction guaranteed, which means that we will make adjustments as many times as necessary until you are completely satisfied.

Mastering Samples Coming Soon!